Fun ways to stay fit in Reem

Tired of jogging? Your community offers you exciting ways to step outside your comfort zone and keep yourself fit in a variety of ways.

1. Cardio and endurance

Pull on your footie boots and head for the football pitch near Mira 5 for a friendly kickabout. Brilliant for developing cardiovascular fitness and endurance, football is a great team sport that will also have you meeting new members of the community and getting to know your neighbours!

2. Strength and stamina

If you’re after building some serious strength while leaning out, the tennis courts at Mira 2, Mira 4 and Mira 5 are the place for you. In addition to working your entire body, tennis tests your hand-eye coordination and improves your reaction time. The game also builds resilience, particularly in the later sets when you’re more fatigued.

P.S. You can also hire a personal trainer of your choice to coach you in the community court! Ask your trainer to speak with the security for more details.

3. Balance and agility

If you’re looking for a fast-paced game to develop quicker feet, improve your balance and hone your accuracy, basketball checks all the boxes. The rapid switches from attack to defence, long-range shooting and dizzying twists and turns make the game perfect for developing agility and speed. There are four half courts in the community (you can find them here) where you can get some shooting and dribbling practice.

4. Stress-buster

If you’re just looking to just unwind and enjoy a light-hearted activity that doesn’t demand much skill or commitment, volleyball is your game. The fun sport is easy to learn, and your community’s beach-inspired sandy court will have you leaping and diving for hours.

Remember to book the courts (except the football pitch) before you arrive – you can do so by logging into this portal and selecting the ‘Amenities Reservation’ option from the menu-bar.

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